About Us

It has always been a concern that most children nowadays do not really care about their health. Even some adults are not aware of the right things to do when it comes to dental health. Children, especially those at a younger age should know how to take care of their teeth. It is a worry that they like sweet treats and chocolates but they do not care about its effect on their teeth.

Oral health must be a real concern for both children and adults. We have to take care of our teeth while young so that we will not regret it in later life.

Because of that, we thought of a way of creating this website to teach and encourage other people to learn the right way of taking care of their oral health. This is how Tooth Fairy Secrets was established. We are here to provide tips and suggestions for children and adults to learn from. All the information provided here are based from professional advice of our dentists.

Our mission is to spread the best ways to take care of our own dental health. We thought that creating this site will be a big help for those who are really concerned about themselves. Even if you’re just a parent who accidentally found this site, you can already teach your children what you’ve learned. At the same time, we also encourage you to look at both the adults and children sections to determine specific tips for yourselves.

It is our priority to help and teach you in maintaining good oral health. We hope Tooth Fairy Secrets will be of great service to all of you. We will appreciate it if you learn something from our website and apply it to your daily lives. With that, we wish you better oral health!